haori coat 金梅

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【素材/Material】SILK100% (裏地/lining: )
モデル身長(model stature) : 165cm

光沢のあるしなやかな生地に、繊細な利休梅の地模様が施されたhaori coat 金梅。その鮮やかな金色は、どんな場面でも目を惹く華やかさを演出します。日本の伝統美とモダンなデザインが見事に融合した一着は、特別なイベントやパーティーなどでの着用に最適です。
Haori coat Kinbai is made of shiny and supple fabric with a delicate Rikyu plum background pattern. Its bright golden color creates an eye-catching elegance in any occasion. A perfect combination of traditional Japanese beauty and modern design, this piece is perfect for special events and parties.
Featuring luxurious and gorgeous tailoring and traditional Japanese patterns, this piece is sure to catch the eye at first glance. You'll be thrilled by the unique comfort and design you won't find anywhere else.

着丈(Length)116/前幅(Front width)30/後幅(Back width)60/袖丈(Sleeve)33/袖幅(Sleeve width)21

【生地のジャンル】 羽二重
【Fabric genre】 Habutae
※This is just a guess. It is not guaranteed.

【生地の風合い】重みがある 柔らかい しなやか とろみがある 肌触りがすこぶる良い
【Fabric texture】Weighty /Soft /Soft and supple /Thick /Texture is very good

【Age】Contemporary (1980-)
※This is just a guess. Not guaranteed.

【Condition】Very good

【About the fabric】
The fabric is extremely susceptible to abrasion.
It may cause fraying of embroidery threads or thread breakage.
Please use gently.
Do not let it get wet as it may cause color blotches or stains.
Please consult a kimono dry-cleaners for stain removal when it is badly soiled by spills.
Please consult with a dry cleaner specializing in kimonos.
We do not provide cleaning services.

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¥65,000 tax included