quiltung big vest 'BYAKKA'

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モデル身長(model stature) : 182cm

”BYAKKA”と名付けられたquiltung big vestは、ビッグサイズで作られた中綿入りのベストです。肩のラインが落ちるデザインは、ルーズな着こなしを叶えてくれるだけでなく、とても軽い着心地が魅力的です。寒い季節には重宝すること間違いなし!


”BYAKKA”は、その軽やかな着心地と自然なシルエットから、自由なスタイリングを楽しむ方々に愛されています。ぜひ、ご自身のファッションに取り入れて、新たなスタイルの提案をしてみてください。Quiltung big vest, named ``BYAKKA'', is a large-sized vest with padding. The design with a falling shoulder line not only allows you to wear it loosely, but it is also very light and comfortable to wear. It's sure to come in handy during the cold season!

This vest was created one by one by Japanese craftsmen with all their heart. This is a masterpiece where you can feel the warmth and quality created by skilled techniques and careful handwork. It is an item that goes well with any occasion, whether outdoors or everyday life.

``BYAKKA'' is loved by people who enjoy free styling due to its light comfort and natural silhouette. Please try incorporating it into your own fashion and suggest new styles.
【Size/cm】着丈(Length)78 /胸囲(Chest)123 /肩幅(Shoulder)51/アーム周囲(Armhole)50

【生地のジャンル】 ちりめん
【Fabric genre】Chirimen
※This is just a guess. It is not guaranteed.

【生地の風合い】柔らかい しなやか 肌触りがすこぶる良い
【Fabric texture】Soft /Thick/Texture is very good

【Age】 Vintage & Antique (~1979)
※This is just a guess. Not guaranteed.

【Condition】Very good

【About the fabric】
The fabric is extremely susceptible to abrasion.
It may cause fraying of embroidery threads or thread breakage.
Please use gently.
Do not let it get wet as it may cause color blotches or stains.
Please consult a kimono dry-cleaners for stain removal when it is badly soiled by spills.
Please consult with a dry cleaner specializing in kimonos.
We do not provide cleaning services.

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¥42,000 tax included